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A Little About Me

Like you, perhaps, there have been times throughout my life that I have felt dissatisfied, stuck, overwhelmed and under-appreciated. As a result, I’ve recreated myself multiple times in an effort to discover my purpose or prove my worth (mostly to my over-critical self). Even in success (and I’ve experienced plenty), that “incomplete” feeling would creep back in.

To make matters worse, mid-life and a couple of health scares left me

with the sinking feeling that I was running out of time.

To be honest, I’ve been incredibly fortunate. I have three wonderful,

grown-up children, a loving husband and absolutely fabulous

extended family and friends.

And so . . .

Feeling unfulfilled and unhappy led to feeling intense GUILT.

I mean, what did I have to complain about?

Why could I not just be grateful and satisfied?

So I tried to ignore those feelings UNTIL I just couldn’t any longer.

I’m not exactly sure what woke me up to the realization that I, and I alone,

had the power to create and claim my joy, but I’m so glad that I paid

attention to that quiet but persistent voice inside.

I’ve always been a “seeker” who loves exploring personal development and spirituality. And the more I searched, the more certain I was that in order

for me to LOVE MY OWN LIFE and contribute to the world in a

meaningful way, I needed to LOVE MYSELF. First, foremost, and fiercely.

Two things that I know to be true? Loving myself allows me to love

others more fully and loving myself allows me to show-up as a positive

force in the world when I support other women as they do the same.

I’m a counselor by education who spent 13 years working with teens to help them develop confidence, plans, goals and personal strengths. Prior to that,

I wore many hats, but always in service to the development and growth of others. I love that part of my story. As a Certified Professional Coach for women who is finally living her own authentic truth, loving herself fiercely and helping others do the same, I am happy to say, with my whole heart, that the story continues!

Let’s connect . . . Your life is waiting!

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"I'm in the process of creating beauty in my surroundings and

actually wanting to BE beautiful again.

Robin helped me become so much more aware of myself and my feelings, which has made me more confident, complete and happy!" 

~ Kim

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"I really didn't think I needed a life coach but I'm so glad I reached out to Robin! We started off talking about what I thought I needed answers to but it changed into something else that was weighing me down. It's been an enlightening experience. One that has heped me so much! With Robin's guidance I have more things to work on which I know I will! Growth takes time and work and it's worth reaching your goals!" 

~ Kathy

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