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My Services

I offer a variety of services and packages

but I recommend you begin with a

FREE 30-minute Curiosity Call so that

we can connect and figure out what the

next best step is for YOU!

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Services: Welcome
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Curiosity Call

30-minutes Free

Let's explore the coaching experience that's right for you!

Services: About Me

Single Session

Feeling like you just need to clear your head and decide on next steps?

We can do that!

1 hour


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Services: About Me
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10-Session Package

Renew and refresh your personal vision. Rediscover your passions (or uncover some new ones). Clear the mind-clutter and take inspired action toward a life of your own design and desire!

One of the features of this package is that you can use your 10 sessions weekly or scatter them over the course of 4 months!

10 1-hour sessions

$1125 (that's 1 FREE session!)

Services: About Me

Self-Discovery Session

This is a one-time 2.5-3 hour session. We'll do a deep dive into who you are at your core. We'll explore your values, your motivations and your overall levels of satisfaction in the key areas of your life. The goal of this session is to help you gain deep clarity around your goals and desires as well as to inspire you to take action toward stepping into the future self of your dreams!

1 session

2.5 - 3 hours


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Services: About Me
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