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Is Negativity Messing with Your Life? Consider this . . .

Negative, uncomfortable emotions are a part of life. They can crop up when you least expect them or you can see them coming from a mile away. Either way, they can really wreak havoc in your life and lead to arguments, rash decisions and ugly reactions. They can also keep you stuck where you are, in a bad, sad or mad headspace, repeating patterns that simply never worked for you to begin with.

I've discovered a fix for the negativity that has really proven to work for me and I know that it could work for you as well!

First, though, you have to decide that you want to make the mental shifts that can move you from a negative

space to a positive one. Once you've made this commitment to yourself, you're ready to take action toward a more positive, less overwhelmed outlook by asking yourself one or all of the following questions:

1. Do I want to feel this way right now?

Typically, your answer will be, "No." Consider how you would like to feel instead. See if you can connect to some of the lighter emotions that you'd prefer to be feeling.

2. What if this were easy?

What would your circumstance look and feel like if it were easier? Imagine yourself in that lighter situation and try to embody the feelings that would accompany "easier."

3. Is there something I can do in this moment to improve how I'm feeling?

Even if that "something" is a small adjustment, it can bring some ease and some sense of control. Little shifts in a positive direction can be very powerful!

4. What can I actually control in my current situation?

You may believe that there is very little that you can control in a given situation, but there is always at least one thing that you CAN control, and that's your response to the circumstance, to yourself and to others. Remind yourself of this and use any tools that you might have to help yourself through the discomfort. Perhaps you find relief in taking a walk in nature, focusing on your breath or talking to a trusted friend. Discover what works for you and then do that!

If, on the other hand, there are steps you can take to improve your situation, take those steps. Don't linger in the negative!

5. Who gets to decide how I feel?

This is a GOOD reminder that you, and you alone, get to decide how you feel, the actions you take and the words you use. You, and only you. Just knowing this can be enough to lift you to a higher emotional place!

There are so many strategies that might help you move the needle from negative to positive, but these five questions are great jumping off points and can shift your perspective quite quickly.

Give it a try the next time you feel yourself going negative and see for yourself how powerful they can be!

Be well and stay well,


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