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Three No-Fail Tips to Start Living Your Best Life!

You may hear it referred to as “reinventing yourself,” “living your best life” or “stepping into your future self.” The thought of moving toward this next level of life, filled with possibility and joy, may excite and motivate you OR it may overwhelm and stress you out.

Regardless of the camp you’re in, rest assured, you are not alone but, if you (like SO many) happen to be in the overwhelmed and stressed-out camp, read on and know that creating the life of your dreams is absolutely within your reach.

You’ve just got to believe (and get started with these three no-fail tips).

Tip #1 - Make the Decision!

Wake up each morning and decide to believe that the new day is filled with opportunities to reinvent yourself.

I kid you not when I say that this is THE number 1 strategy toward creating the life that, until now, has seemed out of reach. It’s all in your mind, my friend. And by that, I mean it’s time to let go of self-defeating, low vibration, “woe is me” thinking and start retraining your brain to seek out opportunities for positive experiences, life-affirming, confidence-building interactions.

Open your eyes in the morning and let your first thoughts be of the possibility and potential of the day that lies ahead. Appreciate what’s coming. Smile at the thought of it. Allow yourself to FEEL the feelings that come with the good stuff.

This may feel unnatural at first. It might feel forced. But trust me when I tell you that you will get the hang of it (with some practice - so be patient) and you’ll soon notice a difference in how you approach your day and in how the day approaches you.

Tip #2 - Create a Vision!

There are no rules here . . . You can be, do and have anything you want when you’re in your imagination, so let it fly! The key is to designate a time and space that feels good to you and where you won’t be disturbed or interrupted.

Once you’ve set aside some time (I recommend at least 15 minutes a day) and are in your “feel good” space, let the daydreaming begin! Imagine and explore a world in which you are the creator of your ideal life. A world where nothing is impossible and everything is within reach. Be as specific as you can in your imagination and allow yourself to tap into the positive feelings of your future self’s experiences.

Questions to consider when you’re creating your vision:

  • What is my future self doing (job, hobbies, social life, etc)?

  • Where do I live?

  • What do my surroundings look, feel, sound and smell like?

  • If I’m eating or drinking, what do I taste? What sensations are ignited?

  • What do I wear?

  • Who am I spending time with?

  • How do I communicate and move through my life?

You can stick to creating your ideal life in your imagination or, if you want to amp up the power of this exercise, you can write it down (aka scripting) in magnificent detail as if it has already happened. Oh … this is SO powerful (and fun)! I encourage you to try it!


Tip #3 - Take At Least One Small, Inspired Step Every Day!

Listen. If you’re ready to leap, LEAP!

But, if you’re like most of us, making a sudden, giant change in your life (aka leaping), probably feels scary, overwhelming and unachievable. Not to mention unrealistic.

Start out by taking one small step each and every day toward the life and the “you” that you want to create (your vision!). It’s incredibly empowering! Every time you meet your own challenge, you are building your confidence muscle. Every time you feel more successful in the pursuit of your true self, you are building your belief muscle. There is NO downside!

Your one small, inspired step might be adding specific writing, painting or creative time to your daily routine. It might be getting up 20-minutes early to do some yoga, meditate or pray. It might be intentionally removing an unhealthy snack and adding something more nutritious to your diet. It can be anything that feels like a positive addition or subtraction, but is also a bit of a challenge or at least outside of your habitual norm.

My own one small, inspired step (way back when) was challenging myself to speak-up and make decisions instead of handing the power over to others. I remember thinking it was kind of silly. What difference would it make to my life if I chose the restaurant and said it out loud instead of quietly going with the crowd. Guess what? It made a HUGE difference. It was the first step of a steep staircase toward finding (and using) my voice in a powerful way. In taking this one small step, I was telling myself that my opinion was as valuable as anyone else’s. It was evidence that I could assert myself. It was proof that people would listen to me. And from there, I grew. And the growth continues!

SO . . .

What about you? Are you ready to start living your own best life? I promise you that it feels so good and I also promise that you’ll be surprised at the positive changes that you'll start to experience.

How can I be so sure?

Because I’m living it right now!

Join me in the adventure of creating YOUR best life!

If you want some support on your journey, I’d LOVE to partner with you!! Check out my Services page and book your free 30-minute call to discuss how working with me will set you up for powerful success!

Be well,


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